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We sure do play a lot, but we also have a regular daily routine that goes a little something like this:

8:30-9  Early Arrival

9:00    Arrival and Gathering
9:10    Free Play Inside (Art, Dress-up, Blocks, Puzzles, Rumpus Room, etc.)
10:00  Clean-up, Book Time, and Handwashing
10:15  Snack (Provided by Melissa.)
10:45  Outside Play (Sandbox, Running Games, Visiting Chickens, Riding Trikes, Art, Swinging, etc.)
Noon   Clean-up, Book Time, and Handwashing
12:15  Lunch (Brought from home.)
1:00    Pick-up (For non-extended day kids.)
1:15-2  Rest Time
2:15-3  Quiet Play Time
3:00     Pick-up (For extended day kids.)
3-5:00  Play inside or out depending on season
5-5:30  Pick-up for full day kids

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