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"You’ve by far exceeded my idea of what a utopian preschool can look like." -Josh, Runabouts parent


"I sure am grateful for all the time and love you generously give not just to N but all of the kids. I really think you have made such a difference in how they see the world now and as they grow in to adults." -Wendy, Runabouts parent


"… I felt so much overwhelming gratitude for the care and love you give to S and therefore me. Your ability to represent me in how I do things with him is so perfect, I mean that in the sense, not of flawlessness, but everything included to match up to nothing missing."-Ami O, Runabouts parent


"...L LOVES it at this school for a few reasons. 1, Melissa is freakin' amazing. She is one of the best preschool teachers I've met (and I've met lots), she is so kind and patient and really listens to kids and helps them get their needs met, while still setting good boundaries etc. 2, Kids are really allowed, encouraged and enabled to be their authentic selves. This goes for the parents too--I love all of my interactions with Melissa and the other parents I've met there. 3,There are enough tutus for everyone. Enough said. (Its actually Melissa's awesome attitude about gender that initially got me interested in her school.)"  -Amanda, Runabouts parent


"I want to go to Runabouts until I'm in college." -Adin, age 5 

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