The Play Rooms--  The two main rooms of my home are set up as school rooms.  We have blocks, puzzles, art materials, a play kitchen, dolls, a doll house, cars, dress-up, and endless other activities that rotate based on children's interests, developmental needs, and the season.
The Rumpus Room--  Half of my garage is sectioned off and set up as a large motor play area.  The kids love the trapeze, therapy hammock, slide, stuffed animals, and the loft bed for climbing, jumping, and hiding under. 
The Three Season Room--  We have a large covered porch on the back of the house.  We it use for a mud room, an indoor/outdoor play area, a place to eat snack in warm weather, and a place to do lots of messy art and sensory activities like finger painting, glue, glitter, play dough, and silly putty! 
The Play Yard--  We have a fantastic outdoor play area including a versitile wooden swing, a geodesic dome climber, a dirt pile we call "The Mountain," a large play house, a mud kitchen, an outdoor doll house, a bike area, logs to climb on or look under for worms, and a sandbox big enough for everyone.  We play outside everyday-- rain, shine, sleet, or heat!
The Back Field--  Since Runabouts is on a half acre, there is plenty of room to run!  The Back Field has a gigantic chicken run, a huge garden area, a shady play area, endless raspberries along with other berries and native plants, and about 12 baby fruit trees.  The Play Yard and the Back Field are both fully fenced. 

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