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Runabouts closed due to COVID-19 in March, 2020 and will remain closed because Melissa is pursuing a career working with kids and families in public libraries. Thanks so much to everyone who has been involved over the years. It's been incredible.

(see enrollment process at the bottom of this page)

Runabouts is for children ages 3- 5 years old (occasionally some 2 1/2 year olds are admitted).  There are no more than12 children per morning, with two teachers. 


The preschool program is from 9am-1pm. Extended Days are available 9-3. Early arrival starts at 8:30. Families choose a Monday & Wednesday, Tuesday Thursday & Thursday, or Monday - Thursday schedule.  There is no school on Fridays.


Runabouts operates on the Portland Public School calendar, except we start the Tuesday after Labor Day in September.  Families are expected to commit to the whole school year when they enroll.

First & last months payments are due at the time of enrollment, and are non-refundable. There are currently no fees for enrollment, wait list, or supplies.

Tuition is a yearly fee, split into 10 monthly payments.  It is not adjusted for missed days due to travel, child illness, teacher planning days, holidays, etc.  However, occasionally this can be arranged in advance when enrolling.

One parent from each family participates in one 4 hour work day per school year.

All parents attend a Parent Orientation in September.

Voluntary sliding scale tuition rates for 2018-2019:


Monday & Wednesday 9am-1pm: $400-500 per month

Monday & Wednesday 9am-3pm: $575-675 per month


Tuesday & Thursday 9am-1pm:  $400-500 per month

Tuesday & Thursday 9am-3pm: $575-675 per month

Monday - Thursday 9am-1pm : $600-700 per month

Monday - Thursday 9am-3pm: $775-875 per month

Mon/Wed 9-1 and Tue/Thur 9-3: $700-$800 per month

Mon/Wed 9-3 and Tue/Thur 9-1: $700-$800 per month

8:30 arrival time: additional $60 per month

Children using diapers: additional $25 per month

Children under 3 years old: additional $25 per month 

If you're interested in joining Runabouts,

contact Melissa at

We can set up a time for you and your child to come meet me and see the space. 

Then, if we think it is a good fit, you can come back for a second visit during school hours.

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